Monday, April 1, 2013

This weekend was my school’s birthday celebration. There was a Jalan Santai- kind of like a parade where all the students walk through the surrounding villages. We walked on main roads, and no, traffic was not closed for the duration of the jalan santai. Spotted two different monkeys chained up in front of houses… terrifying. What is their purpose? Are they guard monkeys?

Back at school there was a Bazaar, with each class setting up a stall to sell snacks, drinks, and little knick knacks. It was akin to the bus vendors or walking through shop streets in Bali- students were calling me and waving me over and trying to sell me “very delicious, very cheap” snacks. 

Along with the Bazaar were door prizes, student performances, and a concert! Students wore their class tees- I love my advanced class students’ mustache shirts!


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